Falkon Desert Patrol Vehicle

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Maddox Defense DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle) 

Maddox Defense's Expeditionary Mobility Group develops all-terrain vehicles for the most austere battle and expeditionary conditions. Ranging from Greentec Algae fueled motorcycles to Light Armored fast moving Dune Buggies Maddox Defense can support your most off road needs. 

Our Off Road vehicles can be incorporated with our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology offering more horsepower, better fuel economy and less carbon output. 








MD FALKON DPV (Desert Patrol vehicle)


The FALKON DPV is built from a rugged and proven off-road platform designed from the ground up handle the most austere and challenging terrain. Our Go-Anywhere DPV is capable of Climbing, Fording, Turning, Clearing, and enduring whatever is put in front of it outperforming other military vehicles. Proven over years of Baja endurance racing for unparalleled speed, torque, stability and reliability while proving super fuel efficiency and mobility. The FALKON DPV is built with the mission in mind. 


Base FALKON DPV Vehicle


MSRP: $160,000





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